If Trees in the Forest Talk,

If Trees in the Forest Talk,

Can anyone hear them?

All those trees burning in Wildfires out West…


In the Western US the smell of burning forest is everywhere… smell it. Blow your nose and see the ashes of the forest. Taste it at the back of your throat and in your lungs. Coughing it back up. See the brown haze in the air that was once a forest.


Can anyone hear them?



Treeman’s Log 5/25/17

We began this arboreal conversation between the Treeman (Cliff Spenger) and Earthwalker (Paul Coleman)  in Treeman’s Log 3/29/07 Planting Trees in Mongolia and continued in Treeman’s Log 5/10/17 Earthday 2008 Four Meter Walking Treeman Plants A Tree In China.

Now here amongst the Trees of a public park in Maanshan, China, Earthwalker Paul Coleman and the Treeman (Cliff Spenger) finally stop and have a nice talk in the branches,



Grow well,

Cliff Spenger also known as                   Oakley the Treeman

EarthDay 2008 Four Meter Walking Treeman Plants a Tree in China

Treeman’s Log May 10, 2017

April 2008:  After planting 15,000 trees at the edge of the Gobi Desert in Inner Mongolia with Paul Coleman, Konomi Kikuchi and 150 Japanese Volunteers,                                     (see https://cliffspenger.wordpress.com/2017/03/30/planting-trees-in-mongolia/ ).              Paul, Konomi and I traveled to Maanshan China and celebrated Earth Day with Forestry Officials by planting trees together.

 View Four Meter Walking Treeman plants a tree in China